Treppides Advisers Ltd offers services in relation to Value Added Tax (VAT) issues, and provides advice on the treatment of income and expenses, in accordance with the VAT law applicable in UK, Cyprus and various other countries. The VAT implication on the transactions of the companies is taken into consideration on the tax planning for a Group of Companies. Treppides Advisers Ltd assists:

  • companies  to register  with the VAT authorities in UK, Cyprus etc
  • companies in obtaining a VAT registration number  within a short period of time
  • in registering a company to European Union Intercommunity Trade (VIES registration)
  • in registering a company with the INTRASTAT system
  • in  obtaining a VAT Group registration when applicable
  • companies in  preparing and submitting the applicable return forms (VAT, VIES, INTRASTAT forms) in accordance with legal requirements
  • in the administration of the payment of applicable taxes

Finally, the Accounting and Financial Department assist in the preparation and maintenance of accounting records in accordance with the VAT legislation.

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